Fence damage after a Storm or Catastrophic Event

 Repairing Damage after a Storm or Catastrophic Event

  • Assess the damage to the fence.  The first step in repairing a storm-ravaged wood fence is to assess the damage to the fence.
    This doesn’t mean only the fence but also damage to the landscaping around the fence.  Make sure it
    will be safe to access the fence for repair, down trees, debris, and down power lines can be dangerous.  Once you made sure the surrounding area to be safe, approach the fence to determine what parts need to be repaired or replaced. 
  • Remove large tree limbs or debris around the fence.  One of the biggest threats to wood fencing during a storm is fallen tree limbs and debris.
    If necessary, remove limbs and branches with saw or axe, making sure not to damage the fence in the process.  Also, clean off any debris stuck to the fence including leaves, mud, grass, or weeds.
    These can contribute to wood rot over time.
  • Get your supplies.  Now that you have assessed the damage to the fence and removed all the debris, you can get the supplies necessary to repair the fence. You should be able to purchase everything necessary to repair your fence at the local hardware store or home improvement store.
    Central Iowa Fencing can repair your wood fence with quality workmanship.
  • Reinforce the fence posts.  Wind, rain, and heavy snow can loosen the fence posts this will weaken the structural integrity of the fence and cause leaning or a collapse of the fence. Check all fence posts to make sure they are sturdy.
    If the posts are weak then reinforce them or replace the posts.  Reinforcing wood fence posts can be done by installing wood braces on the posts and resetting them in fresh concrete.
  • Call a professional.  If you do not feel comfortable with pouring concrete or setting  new fence post then it is time to call an expert.
    The professionals at Central Iowa Fencing Ltd. can help you with your fence repair.
    Central Iowa Fencing Ltd.
    has over 14 years experience with fence repair and installation.  Call Central Iowa Fencing Ltd. Today (515) 829-8117.
  • Be safe.  If you do choose to repair the damage to your fence, remember to always be safe and use common sense.  First, check for downed power lines.
    Always wear the appropriate safety gear. This includes heavy gloves, pants, boots and safety glasses.
    Lastly don’t take on too much.  If they job is too big or too difficult for you then please call a professional.

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